Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a powerfully addictive drug, and users who become addicted to cocaine can suffer from a combination of physical and mental dependence.

Many times, individuals with a cocaine addiction find themselves needing to use the drug more frequently and in greater quantities to achieve the same feeling of intense pleasure. Being addicted to cocaine can make living a normal life very difficult, and many users keep their addiction a secret or chalk up their use as “social.” In reality, using cocaine is extremely dangerous and can put you or your loved one’s life at serious risk.

Addicts should always seek cocaine addiction treatment at a professional drug rehabilitation center. If you or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction and need more information about treatment, know that help is available, and recovery is possible with AION Health Group.

What is Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine is widely known as a recreational drug, and many users get their first glimpse into the world of cocaine through parties, clubs, and other social settings. Despite having medicinal value, cocaine is more commonly known today for its illicit use than its medical benefits.

Cocaine is a stimulant and affects the body’s central nervous system. When you ingest cocaine via snorting, injecting, rubbing on gums, or smoking, your brain releases the neurotransmitter, dopamine (the “feel-good” hormone). Once the brain is flooded with dopamine, cocaine works to prevent its reuptake, leaving dopamine there for prolonged periods and altering the brain’s reward system.

Users can quickly find themselves craving cocaine and requiring more to maintain high levels of dopamine and a state of euphoria. This is called “chasing the high” and a common characteristic of cocaine addiction.

Cocaine has a pervasive presence in our society and its harmful effects do not discriminate. Highly successful people, mothers, fathers, and young adults alike can develop an addiction to cocaine. If this is your situation, you are not alone, and help is near with AION Health Group.

What Is Cocaine?

For thousands of years, people in South America have utilized and ingested native coca leaves for its stimulant effects. But today, cocaine is derived from the plant and altered with a slew of chemicals, dried, and packaged for illicit distribution and use as a recreational drug.

While most people think of a white powdery substance when they think of cocaine, there are several different forms such as cocaine powder, freebase cocaine, and crack cocaine.

Cocaine hydrochloride: Is a white, crystalline powder with a bitter taste. Dealers usually “cut” this powder before they sell it to stretch their product. This form is easy to snort or dissolve and inject, but it cannot be smoked.

Freebase cocaine: Is a white powder that has a much higher purity than cocaine hydrochloride. This type of cocaine has little to no hydrochloride additive. The purer the form, the lower the melting point, making this type easy to smoke.

Crack cocaine: Is the crystal form of cocaine. It may look like crystals or rocks with varying colors and can be smoked. Crack cocaine is probably the most dangerous of any form due to its potency and how quickly it travels to the brain.

Cocaine Addiction Statistics

As stated before, ordinary people can have a cocaine problem behind closed doors. This is one of the reasons why many cocaine addicts suffer in silence and shame. As with any other drug addiction, cocaine addiction has its societal stigmas.

Cocaine addiction stats show that in 2018 there were 14,666 deaths from cocaine/opioid overdose. Additionally, adults aged 18 to 25 years have a higher rate of cocaine use than any other age group (1.4% said they had used cocaine in the past month).

However, it’s important to highlight that users are becoming younger and younger with 2.2% of high school seniors having used cocaine in the past year. While this percentage may not seem alarming, it’s vital to note that starting a drug addiction early in life can have detrimental social, emotional, physical, and economic effects.

No matter the age, it’s important to remember that you or your loved one is never alone in this difficult battle against cocaine. With professional help, you can overcome addiction and achieve long-term recovery.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is very serious, and users will often dramatically alter their daily lives around achieving their next high. Most addicts develop a physical dependence on cocaine, as it changes the chemistry of the brain over time. As with any physical dependence, cocaine addicts will start noticing withdrawal symptoms upon cessation.

Cocaine addiction signs can look like:

  • White substance around nostrils
  • Change in eating habits
  • Dilated pupils
  • Erratic behavior
  • Hyperactivity
  • Loss of job, familial ties, custody of children, etc.
  • Mood swings (irritability, depression, euphoria)
  • Nasal issues (sniffles or runny nose)
  • Newfound confidence
  • Paranoia
  • Staying up all night or for hours-on-end

While there can be other cocaine addiction symptoms, these are some of the most common.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine withdrawal can be a difficult process physically and psychologically as the body has become dependent on a drug that produces feelings of euphoria and energy. While patients might not experience vomiting, chills, diarrhea, and other painful withdrawal symptoms that can happen with substances like heroin or alcohol, there are distinct withdrawal symptoms due to cocaine use. Symptoms can last for months and may include but are not limited to:

  • Agitation/aggression
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Feelings of discomfort
  • Intense cravings
  • Suicidal thoughts

No one deserves to undergo withdrawal alone, so it’s vital to seek professional help to transition back to a drug-free life. With the right help and support, you can safely detox from cocaine, and AION Health Group can help.

At AION Health Group, we offer patients a comprehensive approach when it comes to addiction recovery. Patients can choose from a wide range of treatment programs.

Northlake Recovery offers partial hospitalization addiction treatment plans, along with outpatient detox, intensive outpatient, and MAT therapy (medically assisted treatment). Northlake Recovery takes a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, and one-on-one support provides patients with the individualized care, treatment, and counseling they require for a successful recovery.

Northlake Recovery treatment center offers customized MAT treatment to manage withdrawal symptoms due to alcohol and drug addiction. With a primary focus on detoxification, patients can start a recovery journey with a clean slate.

Northlake Recovery provides an abstinence-based recovery program* with personalized care while integrating exciting and proven-to-work activities that support a positive patient outcome. Aside from award-winning support, “Gold Seal” Joint Commission Accreditation, and hundreds of wonderful patient testimonials, Northlake Recovery also offers a total-wellness approach that includes fitness, nutrition, psychological and medical support, as well as alternative pain management techniques.

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AION Health Group is an evidence-based group of recovery centers offering holistic-focused treatment for cocaine addiction, and each center aims to provide patients with total healing and long-term recovery. We’ve helped patients from all walks of life overcome addiction with comprehensive and personalized recovery plans that combine our evidence-based and adventure-focused treatment modalities.

Cocaine addiction can result in serious medical problems and even death. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and are ready to receive the support you need to start a new, drug-free chapter, then call us today at 888-912-2454 or contact us online for round-the-clock help. Our qualified and compassionate Admissions staff is here when you’re ready. Don’t suffer any longer because you can overcome addiction. AION Health Group is here to help every step of the way.

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